Friday, June 13, 2008

Seven Songs to Warm Your Heart

Dragonfly tagged me to list seven songs I like -- or seven songs I’ve been listening to this week. (I’m not sure what the actual rules are.)

The trouble is, ever since the needle broke on my Gramophone I have all these cylinders and nothing to play them on.

Hutch suggested I check out something called YouTube and I must say it’s very interesting. Unfortunately, the Commodore 64 I got for Christmas didn’t come with speakers, so I have no idea what anything is supposed to sound like.

Not to worry though, because I can read lips pretty well, so I just make up my own little tune and sing all the parts myself.

Anyhoo, with no further ado, (notice how that rhymes) here’s the seven songs I’ve been lip reading this week:

Hungry by Jenny Craig

Doin’ Time by Busta Cap and the Powder Burns

Who, Who, Who… Who let the Cat Out? by The Pet Shop Boys

Dontchu Wish Ur Girlfriend was Phatt Like Me? by Kirsti and the Alley Kats

Hit Me With Your Best Snot by Phlegm & the Loogies

Laundry Blues by Skid Mark and the Stains

What’s That Smell? by Whiff & the Flatulents

I didn’t tag anyone for the six word memoir cause I can’t remember who has done it and who hasn’t (and I’m too lazy to check), so I tag Xiang Mei, Frankie Gan, Dr. Rob, CrazyRN2Be, Radioactive Girl, fizzlemed, and Kim (as the pump turns) to do either “The Six Word Memoir” or “The Seven Songs I Like” meme (or both if you’re so inclined).

The rules as best I can tell are:

1. Write your memoir using only six words.
2. List seven songs you’re listening to this week.

Then whatever you do, have mercy on us all and don’t tag anyone else unless you just can’t help yourself. :0)

Oh, and before I forget, if you haven't been tagged you can still play along by telling us the name of your favorite song.


radioactive girl said...

I did the six word one already, so I guess I'll have to get to the other one eventually. I don't think I could top yours though!

crazyrn2be said...

Ok mister! I did the 7 songs I listened to.

ps there is a picture of you on the bits and pieces web site!

Fizzlemed said...

yes, yes, i shall work on it. i'm feeling awfully lazy, though.

Neumed said...

A picture of me? Really? I Googled "bits and pieces" but didn't find it.

Do you have know the link?

Fizzlemed said...

consider it done ;)

Anonymous said...

Aw thanks neu, I did it...


crazyrn2be said...

You will have to dig for it, they put out daily pictures and such!

Neumed said...

Thanks crazyrn2be, That's the site I checked. I guess I just didn't dig deep enough.

Chrysalis Angel said...

I must say those are some interesting artists, Neumed. Thanks for the laugh.

Frankie Gan said...

i did mine... and i tagged others (oops)! i'll do the six words when the inspiration comes

Neumed said...

Hi Chrysalis, Yes, it is an eclectic selection. :)

Frankie: The six word memoir is the hard one. I think it took me two weeks to come up with the right one.

Suthacha_Xiang Mei said...

just finish my exams today ^^

thanks for your tagging
ok i'll post my 7songs in my blog

Neumed said...

Xiang Mei: Looking forward to reading your list.