Saturday, March 1, 2008

Are You Into Medical Podcasts?

If you’re into the ipod and specifically medical podcasts, here are some good ones you should check out. I prefer to listen to them while I’m driving or when I go for a run.

I don’t listen to all of these, but I thought I’d list them for you to check out.

Additional podcasts (several are on iTunes):

NEJM This Week
Annals of Internal Medicine Podcast
Learn Internal Medicine by
Albany Emergency Medicine Lecture Series
Listen to the Lancet
MUSC Neurological Health Podcast
Neurology (the journal) Podcast
Surgery ICU Rounds Podcast
Survey of Pharmacology
The Medkast
UTHSC Internal Medicine Residency Podcast
Goljan lectures
Dr. Jeff Guy

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Tiny Shrink said...

ShrinkRap does a podcast that is supposed to be very good, fyi.