Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Suture for a Living

Here’s an interesting blog I ran across today written by rlbatesmd, a plastic surgeon out of Little Rock, Arkansas.

When most people (including some med students) think of plastic surgeons they automatically think of Hollywood and bizarre cases like Michael Jackson. However, most plastic surgeons are serious, highly skilled doctors that play an important role in the health care industry.

Here’s how Dr Bates describes her blog…

I am a plastic surgeon in Little Rock, AR. I may "suture for a living", but I "live to sew". When I can, I sew. These days most of my sewing is piecing quilts. I love the patterns and interplay of the fabric color. I would like to explore writing about medical/surgical topics as well as sewing/quilting topics. I will do my best to make sure both are represented accurately as I share with both colleagues and the general public.

After browsing through her blog archives a bit, it is apparent that (aside from the quilting articles) Dr Bates has a serious teaching blog. Well worth checking out.

It’s not all boob jobs and tummy tucks.


Reference: http://rlbatesmd.blogspot.com/


rlbates said...

Thank you!

chinnu Kumari said...

It is good to know that there are few doctors who have a blog just to teach and share their knowledge about sutures.