Friday, May 9, 2008

How was your day?

My brain is fried.
I need a haircut.
My sock has a hole in the toe.
The roof still leaks.
I don't know what to get Mom for Mother's Day.
Blogger seems to be on the fritz.
I have BO.
I should go run...

I think I'll just take a nap...

So, how was your day?


Fizzlemed said...

I think you and I lead the same life!
I'm visiting Mom 'n' Pop and dealing with the "moved back in" older sister simultaneously.
Sister went to work, leaving me with 4-lb. dog.
Dog shreds training pad.
Dog pees on (now) pad-less floor.
I step in pee.
I yelled at 4-lb. dog, even though, admittedly, the thing had no idea why I was pissed.
I also had B.O.
I slept in until noon (1p.m. in my time zone) by accident.
I need a hair cut AND my roots are showing (don't tell anyone, I'm actually BLONDE... ewww..)
I haven't studied in a full 7 days... bah!
I can one-up you though, because I both ran and napped already today :)
Thanks for making me smile!

(and I second the blogger-on-the-fritz comment)

Neumed said...

Hi fizzlemed,
I didn't get my nap. The lawn guy decided to mow. :(

I'm going to go run now. (I think)

I haven't stepped in pee yet today. But you never know. :)

rlbates said...

Sorry to hear you had such a bad day, Neumed.
I got a haircut, mowed my own yard, walked my dog, and enjoyed the sunshine. Tomorrow more storms here. I just gave my Mother a gift card so she can get what she wants. Having lunch with her tomorrow (her choice).

Hang in there.

Vijay said...

Found you from the comment on Ramona's blog. I can agree with the hair cut bit. Though my wife doesn't understand why that is needed for my balding head. Don't have a lawn. Don't know what you mean by running.
What happened to the MyBlogLog widget? I don't see it in the sidebar.
Too many questions for a first time comment. I'll shut up now ;)

frylime said...

i think you could benefit from a nice juicy steak right about now!!! oooh, and some roasted veggies too...

hope that cookout works out for you!

Ms-Ellisa said...

My day yesterday:

Went to school, lectures, study.

Had lunch and three cups of coffee.

Stayed in the ER for too long and skipped dinner.

Fell asleep as if I were made of wood or sth.

Lily said...

Oh dear... Hope you have a better day today.

I too need a haircut.

I should have spent the whole day revising but I watched The Nanny Diaries instead. Now I'm horribly behind so have lost the will to live/revise.

Why is Mother's day in May everywhere except the UK? Strange.

Neumed said...

Bad day?
Oh no, yesterday was a GOOD day. :)

Hi Dr. Bates. The gift card sounds like a good idea.

Vijay: Thanks for stopping by. I don't know about the MyBlogLog widget. Sometimes it's there and sometimes not. Also, not sure why it only shows four large avatars when I notice that everyone else's shows many smaller ones.

frylime: I can always use a nice juicy steak. :)

(Just don't tell Xiang Mei.)

ms-ellisa: I also crashed hard (around 9:00 PM since I didn't get my nap) and slept til about 10:00 AM this morning. Now I feel groggy like I slept too much.

lily: With me it's YouTube videos. They're like potato chips. You can't just watch one. :)

radioactive girl said...

Well, I just finished my run so I feel great but I do need a haircut and a shower.

Hope you are having a great weekend and hope you figured out what to get your mom. My daughter got me some bottlecaps (the candy) because she knows I like them. She used her allowance and is pretty stingy with spending money usually, so this was a big deal. My son made me a coupon for "sleeping in" and his twin gave me a coupon for "I will go to sleep quietly" which cracked me up because she is notorious for talking in her bed to herself for HOURS after we put her to bed. My other son told me he wants to marry me. He's only 4 so it isn't creepy yet, just sweet. Anyway, I hope you find a way to make your mom feel as special as my kids made me feel! But honestly even if they just gave me a hug that would be good enough for me.