Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nail Guns, Pick-up Trucks and the Housing Market

Anybody See Where That Nail Went?

Thanks to Michael Morse from Rescuing Providence for the photo.

I printed it out and tacked it up on the bulletin board in the trailer at work right next to the OSHA poster and just south of the tool supply calendar with the semi-naked lady on it.

Reactions from the crew range from…

“Ouchie, Momma!”

“Holy sh*t!”

“At least he used a galvanized nail.”

“That’s one way to get some extra zinc in your diet.”

And my favorite…

“Shoot yourself in the knee? That’s nothing. Anybody can do that. Shoot yourself in the foot. Now that takes marksmanship.”

Anybody Need a New Ride?

Speaking of the bulletin board at work, Bubba has a 1974 Ford F150 For Sale or Trade.

Needs a little TLC, but runs good.

Call after 5:00.

(Just between me and you… it needs a lot more than a little TLC.)

Anybody Need a New Home?

The housing crunch is hard on the construction industry. We’re still building houses, but for how long is anybody’s guess. Sixty percent of the new homes in the development we’re building are as yet unsold. Hard to believe seeing as they are so upscale…

They do manage to sell one once in awhile, but not at the same pace of a few years ago.

I’m certain I’ll have a job through the rest of summer, but some of the full-time guys are speculating that they’ll be living on unemployment come winter. I hope for their sake they’re wrong, but I won’t be surprised if they’re not.

I would think first time homebuyers should be able to pick up a bargain right about now.


Anonymous said...

Let me guess that shack runs for at least $400,000? Because that's how California's housing market is like...


Neumed said...

On no Kim. Here in the Midwest that fine domicile will only run you $250,000. That is unless you want us to throw in an outhouse. Those go for an extra $50,000.

rlbates said...

Glad to know that's not your knee.

Fizzlemed said...

If you rented that shack as part of my apartment complex, it would be at least 500/month without utilities. You'd need a roomie for sure.

Neumed said...

Dr Bates: I'm glad it's not my knee as well. Looks like it probably hit bone doesn't it?

fizzlemed: Fortunately, I have two roomies. Otherwise I couldn't afford this splendid squalor I call home.

Michael Morse said...

The guy who "nailed" himself was remarkably calm during the ordeal, actually asked me to just "pull it out" so he could get back to work. I think the nail bent under the patella somehow.

Someday I'll be able to park that fancy pick-up next to that fancy house and call it home. Just gotta keep working.

Anonymous said...

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