Monday, July 7, 2008

On the job training

It occurs to me after reading over my last post that I failed to explain that I work as a carpenter building houses.

I originally got this job because the guy I was rooming with at the time was a full-time carpenter. I didn’t know much about building houses, but he assured me that the only skill I needed to know was not to shoot myself in the foot with the nail gun.

Since then I’ve learned that that isn’t exactly so, but I’ve been able to pick up a lot by way of on-the-job training.

I’ve worked for the same building contractor the past four summers. Last summer I even had my own crew, which meant I was able to make more money. This summer however, I’m getting a late start and won’t be able to work but a couple of months so I’m working for one of my former guys on his crew.

I don’t mind switching roles with him. He’s a sharp guy and knows his stuff. Pay cut is no fun though.

Naturally they nicknamed me “Doc” the first summer when I made the mistake of telling everyone I was pre-med.

And of course, everyone just assumes I’m going into gynecology. (Turns out to be the construction worker’s dream job.)

I get the usual ribbing like today during lunch break Bubba (who weighs about 300 lbs.) asked me if I would take a look at his hemorrhoids. Just as he feigned like he was about to drop his trousers right then and there I told him, “Hang on, I’ll do you one better. Let me get a blowtorch and heat up this screwdriver and we’ll just cauterize that bad boy.”


Michael Morse said...

Be careful, doc!

Dragonfly said...

Hehe. And if he called your bluff?

Suthacha_Xiang Mei said...


it seem a good experience to be carpenter l..a neumed..

hope you b happy in your job, i'll look forward to read your post about it

rlbates said...

Yes, be careful. Besides this could be "on the job training" for an orthopedic future. :)

Neumed said...

Michael: Thanks for the photo. The computer I'm on here at work won't display it so I'll have to check it out later.

dragonfly: Hadn't thought that far ahead. :)

Xiang Mei: Yes, good experience. My Dad keeps telling me if I fail at med school I'll always have something to fall back on.

Dr. Bates: I'm trying to be careful, and I hear you on the orthopedic front. My elbow/forearm is already starting to act up.

radioactive girl said...

Way too funny! You sure think fast! I would have thought of that comeback about an hour too late.

make mine trauma said...

So, it's true? You are specializing in colo-rectal?

Neumed said...

Tori: I got lucky with that one. Fear will do that to ya... :)

Make Mine Trauma: I'm trying to avoid anything rectal, especially when it comes to Bubba.

may said...

i thought the previous post about you working in construction was a joke.
wow. fun in the sun the whole summer, buried in books after :)

EE said...


We had a guy shoot himself in the knee with a nail gun. That was cool.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Perfect! ha,ha

Frankie Gan said...

Sawing stuff gets you the skills needed for orthopedics... Any plans for that? BTW, I'm now in New York, electives at Weill Cornell. I enjoy the city life a great deal, where's your school at?

Neumed said...

Hey Frankie, Welcome to the USA! Since I am sometimes less than professional in my prose, I think it best not to divulge too much about the school I attend. I can say however that The Amish School of Medicine and Wizardly Arts is located somewhere in the Midwest about 1500 miles from New York.

Frankie Gan said...

I like your wizardry school... Are you sure you're not a part of the Hogwarts league?