Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ah, the joy of living in abject poverty

It’s raining again today. Seems like it’s been raining forever.

Wouldn’t be a problem except that the roof on this dump has been leaking for several years now and it’s steadily getting worse.

At first it was just water spots on the ceiling, but lately it’s started coming through and we have to keep buckets in strategic locations to catch the drips. Fortunately, nothing of mine has been damaged. My roommates haven’t been so lucky and they are threatening to move out if things don’t change.

Can’t really blame them.

We’ve told Slumlord (indirectly) about the problem, but nothing ever seems to get done. We have to go through a management company and they keep assuring us that he’s aware of the situation and intends to fix the problem. Can’t contact him directly because we don’t even know his name.

Twice roofers have come out to make estimates, but then we never hear from them again.

I would move out except this place is the cheapest thing I could find and it is the only place I know of that allows pets. (I have the dubious honor of having been adopted by a cat.)

So far today, it hasn’t rained hard enough to start dripping.


Dragonfly said...

I want to be adopted by a cat.

Neumed said...

Mine must have heard you because as I'm typing this she just came over and sat on my chest. (I'm lying down.) Hard to type when all you can see is fur...

Holly said...

Google "tenant law yourstate" and you can probably get some info to make your property management company move a litte faster.

Most states have habitability standards for rentals that include the word "waterproof". The landlord also has a limited time from the date of notification to make your dwelling habitable.

good luck