Thursday, April 24, 2008

It’s Not Easy Building an Evil Empire

This past week has been the most fun I’ve had since I started this little excuse-not-to-study and it was all because of you guys. So thanks to everyone who was kind enough to add my link to your sidebar. You have no idea how much it means to me. (Or just how much you’ve helped me kick-start this little blog-o-mine.)

Believe me, it was getting very depressing posting stuff day after day and knowing that no one was going to read it. And I do mean, no one.

In fact, for a while there I was starting to think my sitemeter was broken. I kept tapping on the glass but the little needle just refused to budge off “E.” Day after day, other than Mom and a homicidal spambot… err, I mean friendly lovable cyborg, my stats showed little to no activity.

I felt like I was just talking to myself. (A little disconcerting to say the least.)

But all that has changed and I can now proudly proclaim that I HAVE READERS!!!

Wahoo! Happy dance!

Sure, I’m not breaking any world records, but it’s a start. Hopefully, everyone will keep coming back and we can have fun trading insults, jokes, tall tales and what not.

Suffice it to say, I like making new friends and I feel like I just gained a bunch of new friends practically overnight. This has been very exciting and only makes me want to work harder and keep coming up with new ideas.

So anyways, thanks again for the links, the advice and especially the words of encouragement. You have made my world a much brighter place.

I have to go study chem. now, or maybe neuro… no chem., wait Scrubs is on tonight, maybe I’ll go watch TV.


Suthacha_Xiang Mei said...

Absolutely, i'll come back your blog..
and can i add your blog in my sidebar??

nice time...

frylime said...

ha, i went through the same feelings too. then i just stopped caring if people read my blog. and now people read it! weird...

i hope to be posting more soon...neuro is sucking out my life energies...

Rob said...

Posting comments on others' blogs helps - and having something worth reading is the other good thing. I was in your position for a while. The problem you will see is that your site meter is akin to crack - you just need more and more. Beware of that. I do write for my audience, but I have to keep myself from downright obsession (and subsequent marital counseling).

Neumed said...

Hi suthacha_xiang mei, Yes, please do. As soon as I finish here, I will come read your blog.

frylime: I know what you mean. I thought neuro was going to be so interesting. (Not!)

rob: "...having something worth reading..." is the hard part. I'm my own worst critic.

Also, I'm beginning to see what you mean about the sitemeter. I'm trying not to look at it every day. Same with MyBlogLog.

radioactive girl said...

I read somewhere that it takes about a year to build up readers to where you know someone (or a bunch of someones) will read every post you write. From my experience that seemed about right. You seem to be ahead of the game since you already have a few steady commenters!

It's funny that from that point to now I have completely changed what I worry about. I used to worry about people NOT reading it, and now I get all freaked out when I get too many hits. I spill some pretty personal stuff on my blog, and it wouldn't be too difficult to find my real name. When too many people come reading it worries me, but I'd also be sad if no one read.

Neumed said...

Hi radioactive girl, Yes, I am simultaneously overwhelmed, ecstatic, and humbled at this sudden turn of events.

I believe I understand perfectly how you feel. I am now questioning / debating the direction I want to go from here. I guess I shouldn't try to over think the whole thing and just continue being spontaneous. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

You'll do great! Your personality shines right through, whether it's a comment I've seen on another's site or this one. I had to laugh at the "bugga bugga" on Rob's site.

Neumed said...

Thanks, Chrysalis Angel. Spontaneous it is then. :)

Anonymous said... have more readers than me for SURE! Thanks for posting the link to my blog though. You rock!

Neumed said...

Thanks Trauma Diva.

BTW, anyone else having trouble with the new word verification letters blogger is using? I can hardly read it half the time. I may have to turn it off if they don't fix it.

Let me know what you guys think.

Fizzlemed said...

Here's to procrastination, neumed. It's the tiny injections of laziness into the our busy days that make tolerable the mental trauma inflicted upon us by school.

(and I can read your word verification just fine...)

Neumed said...

Hi fizzlemed, I hear ya. And yeah, the blogger techies must have overheard me or something because it's much more readable now.