Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Breath of Fresh Air

Okay, it’s Neumed’s turn to be smitten.

Maybe it has something to do with spring -- or perhaps it’s just because Neumed is a sucker for a pretty face -- but wouldn’t you know it, once again he has fallen in love.

Okay, okay, I’m kidding (a little). The last thing I want to do is embarrass the poor girl, but she really is a sweetheart and I thought you ought to meet her.

Her name is Suthacha_Xiang Mei and she is a medical student in Bangkok, Thailand. I had the pleasure of discovering her from a comment she left on this site last week. How she found herself in my humble little corner of the blogosphere, I have no idea.

Angels show up in the strangest places.

Why is Neumed so taken with her?

Well, aside from the obvious, the real reason I adore her so is that we westerners are such complainers… always going on about school, patients, working conditions, money, HIPAA, the government… it’s nice to hear from someone with a fresh perspective.

To give you an example (and keep in mind I’m not quoting her directly) this is something one of her friends wrote that she considered worthy of quoting…

“We are dreamers. We dream of a day when people love each others, where the Earth is a clean and safe place, and when people start to believe in their futures again. And for that, we try to work hard, step by step, in hopes of achieving this ultimate dream.” – Her friend, Frankie

Cute couple, no?

I can gush on and on about how wonderful this girl is, but I truly believe you should visit her blog, Memories in my Life and experience her kind, gentle spirit for yourself.

I have a hunch that you too will find yourself in love with her pure heart and the wonderful way she expresses her thoughts. And I’m certain you will bookmark her page and add her link to your sidebar so that together we can introduce this girl to the rest of the world.


Chrysalis Angel said...

What a beautiful girl. What a great thing for you to introduce her. I'll have to check out her site when I have more time. The quote will be a reality one day.

Neumed said...

Yes, do visit her and leave her a comment (everyone) to let her know you stopped by.

I've been watching my sitemeter to see how many people have clicked over to her blog and quite a few have, but I've been disappointed that no one has bothered to leave her a comment.

I've read through her entire blog and it is one of the most enjoyable reads I've come across, thus far.

Maybe I just have a crush on her, but I can't imagine anyone not instantly falling in love with her.

I hope everyone will encourage her to keep sharing her thoughts and experiences with us. I know how discouraging it can be to post an article and not have any comments on it.

(And I hope I haven't embarrassed her with my exuberance.)

Chrysalis Angel said...

I'm used to it. ;)

Neumed said...

I'm not. Whenever a post just sits there with no comments, I start to wonder what I did wrong.

Suthacha_Xiang Mei said...

OH!! I get shock to see this entry...
Thank you very much for your kindness..
it's hard to believe that you read most of my stories... i feel ultimately grateful to you..

i'll try to do good deed as much as i can..
and we will share our experience and idea together
Thank you very much again Neumed..

PS : Absolutely i must come here frequently.. ^^

Neumed said...

Hi Xiang Mei, I'm so glad you enjoyed my review of your site. I was so afraid that you would be embarrassed by it.

I hope that it made you smile and that it brings you many new friends.

I'm looking forward to reading it on a regular basis.

Frankie Gan said...

Hello. I'm Frankie and came to know about your blog through suthatcha. I'm humbled and surprised to know that you quoted Suthatcha quoting my quote (this is very confusing). I had the chance to know Suthatcha during her electives in our school, and she is indeed a very friendly and good-natured girl.

Anyway, it's a pleasure to know you. I'm a medical student too, and so we should help each other through this journey. You can visit my blog too... http://www.wretch.cc/blog/frankiegan

Best wishes!

Neumed said...

Hi Frankie,

Yes, I realize that my quoting a quote is a bit odd. But I was so moved by your thoughts... and I felt your words expressed ideas that Suthacha held dear to her heart that ultimately, the message would somehow manage to come across.

Besides, I'm nothing if not odd. :)

I am honored that you visited my blog. I have visited yours a couple of times and I apologize for not leaving a comment. I will the next time.

Also, thanks for adding my link to your blogroll. I've been meaning to add yours to mine, as well.